Steve Selig
President and Chairman of the Board
Cathy Selig
Co-Owner & Senior Vice President
Steve Baile
Chief Development & Operating Officer
Jo Ann Chitty
Chief Operating Officer
Ronald J. Stein
CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Matt Rendle
Chief Investment Officer
Bonnie Dean
Senior Vice President, Construction
Kenneth J. Clayman
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Chris Ahrenkiel
Executive Vice President
Shirley A. Gouffon
Senior Vice President
Bill Stogner
Senior Vice President
James A. Saine
Vice President, Industrial & Office Leasing
Kent Walker
Vice President, Industrial Properties
Mindy Selig
Senior Vice President, Retail Leasing
Greg Lewis
Senior Vice President, Development
Malloy Peterson
Senior Vice President
Philip Rodbell
Assistant Vice President
Greg Catoe
Vice President, Construction
Larry Stephens
Vice President, Construction
Scott Selig
In Memoriam