Steve Selig
President and Chairman of the Board
Cathy Selig
Co-Owner & Senior Vice President
Robert C. Riddle
Executive Vice President
Jo Ann Chitty
Chief Operating Officer
Ronald J. Stein
CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Scott Selig
Vice President of Acquisitions & Development
Bonnie Dean
Vice President, Director of Construction
Kenneth J. Clayman
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Matt Rendle
Chief Investment Officer
Steve Baile
Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer
Bill Stogner
Senior Vice President
Shirley A. Gouffon
Senior Vice President
James A. Saine
Vice President, Industrial & Office Leasing
Kent Walker
Vice President, Industrial Properties
Mindy Selig
Vice President Retail Leasing
Phillip Rodbell
Assistant Vice President
Malloy Peterson
Senior Vice President